Happy Birthday.

The Parlour Escape Room

You've managed to survive another year. Well done. We all know how hard that can be in this day and age, so let's have your friends over and celebrate. The Puzzalarium is the perfect party place to celebrate your mortality and the inexorable passage of time! Let us now detail the exact reasons why The Puzzalarium is going the be the place that you host your party.

Reason #1 Bring food, drink, and cake for free.

Are you planning on dinner here? Ordering catering? Cake? No problemo. Just tell us when you want to bring in your food and we'll happily accept it for you. While we don’t serve food ourselves, you are welcome to come early and stash drinks and ice cream and the like in our full-size fridge. Alcoholic drinks might even be allowed. Please call us for details on that. Oh, did I mention that? Let me mention that:

Reason #2 We have a party room.

We’re built for parties. We're the Partylarium. Are you bringing seven people? Fifteen? Twenty-one? We can handle you, easily. All playing the same game. At once. We have a multipurpose room that we call the Murder room for no reason you should ask about. You can decorate it if you want. Serve food, drinks. This room is free to use. Just ask, and it's yours.

Reason #3 You can Play for as long as you want

When you book The Floor is Lava, you can decide whether you wish to visit for one hour, two hours, or even more to suit whatever sorts of plans you have. If you are visiting The Parlour, ask about using our party room* free of charge to enjoy over 40 unique games we have on tap. If it's a slow day, we might even play some extra games with you for free.

Reason #4 We're unforgettable.

You are only going to have so many birthdays. Shockingly few of them will be spent with friends celebrating you. It is absolutely crucial that you spend your birthdays doing something unique. Something you won't forget. The Puzzalarium is categorically unlike any other party venue in San Diego. The staff is all in character. The games and puzzles are accessible nowhere else. Choose The Puzzalarium for your birthday party. After all, you only have six** left.

The Puzzalarium is the best choice for adults and kids birthday party venues.

*Subject to availability and to whether or not you are a jerk.

🎉 Attractions & Activities 🎊

Choose and activity based on your player count and thematic preference

The Parlour Telegraph Puzzle
Card Table in The Parlour

The Parlour

+12yrs (about) 2-6 Players

The Parlour is not just an escape room, but an immersive interactive theater experience. It is currently our flagship escape room and ideal for groups of three to five players. We may also be able to accommodate larger parties under certain circumstances. More information can be found on The Parlour page and in the FAQ.

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The Puzzalarium prides itself on great escape games and unique experiences.
The Floor is Lava party venue
The Floor is Lava puzzle room

The Floor is Lava

+12yrs (about) 7-25 Players

The Floor is Lava is hidden roles game for between 7-25 players at once. Players are dealt roles and secretly assigned to one of two teams. Players must work together, lie, and cross-examine each other in order to figure out who is and is not on their team, all the while with players attempting to eliminate each other by making them step in the Lava.

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Custom Attractions

+0yrs (about) Any group size

If you would like, we can create a custom game for your event or budget and use our facility or travel to yours. We often receive requests to deliver a wonderful experience but to do so at a particular site and within a specific budget. Email or call us with details about your event and we will be happy to discuss options and possibilities.

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We put the greatest amount of effort possible into making your special day great. We have 5 stars on most services and social networks, and we are the only member of our industry to offer a 100% money back guarantee.

The Puzzalarium was the first company to bring escape rooms to San Diego and is a member of the Chamber of Commerce.


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