Thank you for signing up for pre-booking for The Boiler Room.


Ho man, hoo boy! Phaha!

Oh. Oh, that's funny. You seriously thought that registerting for our new game was as simple as just going to /BoilerRoom. Oh man, you are precious!

Oh darling. You'll be able to book, yes. But only after my cleverest patrons do so.

What? What's that? You wish to be one of those clever patrons? Well isn't that cute. Well then. If you think you are so clever...

Prove it.

You have until the release of the Boiler Room on December 15th, 2018 to figure it out. Do so and gain a reward.

Manually typing the names of pages into the url bar. Good lord. Did you really think it would be that easy? When is it ever?

For those quitters out there, this page will be replaced with the actual Boiler Room page upon its release. See you then. Or if you're clever, sooner.


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