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The Puzzalarium Catalog

Guarenteed Non-Fatal*

Find below a list of all our games, past and present we have made over the past six years. Some of them are special events though, and to hear when we run them, you really should

Game Type Status Players More info
Bajillions Trivia Party Card Game Kickstarter planned in late 2020 3-15 Bajillions Site
Sunset Meadows Mall Puzzle Video Game Not announced. 1-2 Nowhere.
Hear/Say Murder Mystery Megagame Looking for suitable location. Runs ~annually. 40-60 Most recent game
Earth Ascendant Megagame about Frantic Diplomacy Looking for suitable location. Runs ~annually. 70 Most recent game
The Study Gen. 1 Escape Room Retired 2017 2-5 [EXPUNGED]
The Parlour Gen. 3 Escape Room Available at Enigma HQ thru late 2020 2-6 Book The Parlor Here.
The Boiler Room Gen. 1 Escape Room Retired 2019 2-6 Old reference page
The Floor is Lava Physical Party Game Installations in Las Vegas, Netherlands 7-28 Our Site