Frequently Asked Questions

  • So, where exactly is The Puzzalarium?

    The Puzzalarium was located in Hillcrest. Our main facility is now permanently closed unfortunately, due to a combination of lease trouble, bad marketing effort, rabid badgers, and COVID.

    But where were we? For three years we were between Lost and Found and Buffalo Exchange. black gates guard a yellow alleyway dense with foilage. Proceed down the alley following the black path.

    The Black Path™ will lead you where you need to go.

    Continue following the black path, and do not stray from the path, until you reach the end of the path. We used to be at the end of that path. I have no idea what is there now, but you will see a nice courtyard with red flowers and potted plants.

    We also had a location in the abandonded warehouse on 14th Street in downtown. That was where we started allllllll the way back in October 2014.

  • How much is it?

    The Parlour was $35 per patron, and The Floor is Lava was $30 per person (with discounts for large parties). We had discounts for veterans because veterans deserve it, we had discounts for seniors because seniors want to, and we had discounts for students because students need it. Other promotions and discounts exist, but you're going to have to find them yourself. No, asking for one definitely doens't work.

  • Do we have to mingle with strangers?

    No, because we're closed. Can't you read?

  • We're thinking of laser tag, mini-golf, or a trampoline park, why is this better?

    Well, I'd recommend those honestly, as they have the advantage of actually existing.

  • How does booking work?

    Booking is now only done for our large events. Our large events are announced through our email newsletter, which updates on occasion. Find it on our homepage under "Secrets"

  • I'm scared of people jumping out at me.

    We are an interdimensional event venue. Not a rubber-and gore haunted house. You will find nothing of the sort here.

  • I am claustrophobic. Will I have problems in The Parlour?

    Probably. The Parlour is in storage. You have to be a controtionist to get some of those cabinets open.

  • Wait, so can one person run the room?

    Technically, only one person ever ran the room: the Puzzlemaster.

  • Is there a minimum age?

    Yes. Everyone has a minimum age. That age is 0.

  • Will I be forced to physically interact?

    While The Floor is Lava takes place in a physical space, the event is only as combative as the participants. Younger groups have the opportunity to add physical interaction whereas older players tend to take advantage of the tactical aspects of the game; playing cards and making chess-like moves to outmaneuver their opponents. There are always multiple referees who govern the game and physical interaction is always a choice of the players.

  • Is the Puzzalarium scary?

    That depends entirely on what you're scared of.

  • If we fail to make it out will you let us go?


  • Can I change my group size after I book?

    Yes. So long as you don't go over the maximum in a room, (6 for The Parlour) we don't mind you changing the number at the door. Remember that teams of two are still ill-advised and charged as three.

  • Is The Puzzalarium appropriate for my family?

    Probably! The Puzzalarium is mostly appropriate for ages 12 and up. If you decide you would like to take younger patrons through, we can easily accommodate and offer an experience you won’t forget. Families that hate each other however are advised to play The Floor is Lava instead of an escape room as you will be able to murder each other instead.

  • What should I bring with me?

    Clothing and sobriety. Solving puzzles in the nude while drunk is not recommended. As far as anything else, you are not allowed to bring anything else with you into the room to help you solve the puzzle. (Cell phones, pocket knives, etc.) Medication and other items are allowed on a case-by-case basis. We reserve the right to not let you bring in medication if you become substantially more entertaining to watch if you don't get it.

  • What do the different editions of the Patron Pass Mean?

    Patron pass? What's a patron pass? Those don’t exist. Quiet you.

  • Can you accommodate large groups?

    As a matter of fact, we can. We offer an attraction called The Floor is Lava, which was specifically designed for large groups in mind. It works tremendously well for corporate team building, company outings, those looking for a birthday or party venues for kids or teens, bachelorette parties, unique or cool nonalcoholic bachelor party, and is being very well received by all ages. We strongly encourage you to try that. Really. Do it. Now.

  • How does the leaderboard work?

    We judge you, and then publish your scores so other people can judge you. Objectively, of course. Scores publicly expire after two months to keep things fresh, but the accounts you made when you registered in-person will remember your scores. So don't give us fake info. For reals. It's annoying.

  • Is The Puzzalarium the best place for a birthday party in San Diego?

    As a matter of fact, it is. We have a private party room available for your cake and food, both of which you are welcome to bring in, as well as trash cans and a place to store food and keep it cold. We do not serve food ourselves, but we will happily accept any caterer you care to send our way. We will also play games and host entertainment for your group, entertaining those who come early and stragglers afterwards. Alcohol is also sometimes permitted, ask ahead. Photos and video are encouraged in The Floor is Lava and surrounding areas.

  • What happens if I'm late?

    We are a live event, which means that we sadly cannot wait for anybody. Ten minutes after your book time, we will be forced to start your game clock, robbing you of precious seconds. Given that a hefty percentage of players who escape do so with less than five minutes left on the clock, starting even seconds late will almost certainly doom your team before you even start. If you show up to TFiL late, we reserve the right to shorten your games. If you arrive twenty-five or more minutes late, you will be denied entry because it won't be worth it. We will also give you a stern look and take your deposit. So there. Showing up late to a game of The Floor is Lava could decrease the number of games we play. We will also all be annoyed.

  • What's the Cancellation Policy?

    If you cancel or move your booking more than 24 hours ahead of time, you'll get your deposit back and you can try again later. If you fail to show up for your booking or cancel less than 24 hours ahead of time, then you rob someone else of the chance to visit, making you a bad person. We don't like bad people, so to prevent this we have a proof-of-not-being-a-bad-person fee, also known as a deposit. If you cancel or move your booking at the last minute or don't show up, we take your deposit and don't give it back, because obviously as a bad person you would do something mean with the money anyways, like buying kittens to drown or something.

  • Why is my Parlour team of two being charged as a team of three?

    Because we want to discourage groups smaller than three, we will charge groups of two and one to The Parlour the same price as a group of three. Groups of two are allowed, but we will charge you as a trio, primarily because it is ill-advised to attempt our escape rooms as a pair. For reals. Get a friend. Anyone. Even Carl. Ok, maybe not Carl. But someone.

  • Are there any secrets hidden on this website?

    Oh come on. Do you really think we would hide secrets and puzzles in our lobby, bathrooms, website, and everywhere else? Don’t be silly.

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