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About The Puzzalarium

We build and run all sorts of unique games, from escape rooms and customized puzzle hunts to huge megagames for hundreds of players at once and city-wide mysteries!


Open Position: Puzzlemaster

Stevenson Streeper/hiring, corporate, jobs

he Puzzlemaster escorts patrons for the duration of the experience. The Puzzlemaster conducts the orientation session and runs/helps to run our games while using coercion to enforce the Code of Conduct in our real-world games. Puzzlemasters may also be called to assist with special events and the like. When the game is complete, the Puzzlemaster sees guests to the exit and resets the room. The Puzzlemaster stands for over one hour at a time. The Puzzlemaster is omnipotent. The Puzzlemaster demands respect. Do not trifle with the Puzzlemaster.

  • Must be able to carry a character (acting abilities, .etc)
  • Dungeon Master, Game Master, or similar experience is helpful and borderline required
  • Must be good at reading people
  • Must be able to remember and recite lines
  • Responsible for delivering hints and managing the patron's experience
  • Theater or similar experience preferred, but not required
  • Sworn to protect the secrecy of the puzzles, clues, and secret passages
  • Must speak softly and carry a big sword
  • Most important role at Puzzalarium
  • Training is provided, and there will be a lot of it.

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The Director of The Puzzalarium

Marketing/Promotion (Consultant or Agency)

Stevenson Streeper/hiring, corporate, jobs

ur business would always like to attract more customers! We provide entertainment for special occasions, general fun, and team building events. We have excellent reviews, people like us, but we always need more people to be aware of us (promotion). If you are an individual or agency that could help with that, feel free to contact us!

TARGET AUDIENCE: Small groups (4-6), Large Groups (8-35).

  • We would like to hear your ideas on how to improve our sales and then provide funding and resources to empower that outcome.
  • Our in-house capabilities for technical, web development, printing, and video production are very substantial to assist with your promotional efforts.
  • We are NOT interested in a firm in a different timezone.

Technical Skills Currently Sought

Stevenson Streeper/hiring, corporate, jobs

re you looking for a high-paying, rewarding position that can give you and your family a 401k match, 20+ years of employment, and a set of tasks that just need to be repeated again and again until management blames somebody? Great! If you find such a job, let us know. We've always heard rumors of this kind of thing existing, but have never observed it ourselves. Oh, but if you're looking for that here then dear GOD you won't find it. Sorry, we're kind of awful as far as that sort of thing. We have really weird problems, like: "How do we get an orange to set off an RFID sensor?" or "How do we make a functional automated scoring system of terror for the United Nations as they battle Aliens?" or "How can we get this door to shoot sparks every time it opens?"

Sometimes we can fix it with tech and Arduino, often we fix it with welding and Ruby, most of the time it's a hotfix that works for just as long as it needs to. Point is, if you want to work somewhere normal that has decent pay and hours, then I'd check out maybe Qualcomm or something.

  • Photo Retouching & Manipulation: Skills with Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Photoshop
  • Microcontroller Implementation: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, TI Launchpad, etc. (Hardware &Software)
  • Software Engineering: Especially with Ruby & other scripting languages
  • Game Logic Programming: Physics, collision, HUD & UI design. Indie game devs especially valued.
  • Access Control Systems: Strike Plates, RFID Proximity Cards, Magnetic Cards, Magnetic Locks, Electronic Locks.
  • Relic Sourcing: Helping us find neat props to play with.
  • Special Effects: for Film, stage, or in post.
  • Hardware & Electronics Development; Building Circuits, Designing Haptic interfaces, Soldering, Prototyping, Relays, or being really into robotics.
  • Costume Design & Fabrication: Sewing, pattern design, conceptualization.
  • High performance computing; GPU and conventional, Nvidia Tesla/CUDA, Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Plastic fabrication.

It's in the Hushroom! Go there! I'm sorry! Please let me go!

██████ from ████████

Artistic Skills Currently Sought

Stevenson Streeper/hiring, corporate, jobs

ant the occasional gig? We got a full workshop! It's cool! We do sculpting and woodwork and metalwork and all kinds of neat stuff. Come check us out! Food is included as is free access to our workshop when you need it! Do you make neat crap? Show us. We are a business that has uses for some of the most obscure talents.

  • Acting & Theatre Experience: Any experience counts. Ability to take cues and stay in character huge pluses.
  • Makeup: VFX & Stage makeup especially valued
  • Hand lettering: Also basic drawing ability is good too. Send in examples; we wanna see!
  • Graphic Design: Basic theory & practice.
  • Prop & Model fabrication: Soft material sculpting and molding, as well as other relevant skills.

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Brittany, Social Media Manager

Streeper Immersions and Streeper Industries does not discriminate based on race, sex, religious affiliation, disability, opinions of Marvel or DC comics, genetic information, genetic misinformation, left or right hand magic, sock size, and especially not age.

Incorporeal multiplanar beings need not apply. We know your type.

We at Streeper Immersions are driven to delivering the best experiences ever conceived to our patrons, our community, and the world at large. If you share a genuine passion in what you do, and want to dedicate it to helping our patrons feel what it is like to escape reality for awhile, I encourage you to contact me. Together, we can build wonders.

Together, we will tell a story.

- Stevenson Streeper

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