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room escape artist floor is lava
room escape artist puzzalarium parlour
A narrative driven escape room categorically unlike any other.
The Floor
is Lava
A hidden roles game of lying, backstabbing, & betrayal.

There was nothing like us anywhere else.

Team Building

Foster teamwork in your co-workers. Join the 15,000+ groups that learned firsthand why our escape room threats are just what you need to build a great team.

Vacation & Tourism

No cookie cutter attractions. Our games are hand-made, unique, and unplayable anywhere else. Our non-lethal attractions provide authentic fun and a survivable experience.

Schools & Education

Teach young students to question authority and each other. The Lava is perfect for classes and sports teams that deserve a treat/vacation/excuse to murder each other.

Gamers & Nerds

Designed by nerds, for nerds. The Lava is actually a huge board game where the pawns are your friends. The Parlour has in-game currency, power-ups, and hidden cutscenes. We <3 gamers.

Friends & Everyone

Do something better with your friends tonight; kill them in lava. Or help them escape a room. Give them absolutely no context. Just give them an address and tell them they'll love it.

Birthday Parties

Celebrate someone's achievement of not dying for a full year! With a party room for food, we're one of the best birthday party venues for adults and kids in San Diego. We almost guarantee you won't celebrate your last birthday with us.

Family Outings

Don't go bowling. Dad is just going to win anyways like he always does. Instead, book a Puzzalarium immersion! Plus, it comes with a chance of getting younger siblings locked in a room forever at no extra charge!
with us

Play with 2
to 35 people

No fees or surcharges

Free extra hour on request

Nothing else like it anywhere


Why Play At The Puzzalarium?

Because we actually care about our craft

The Puzzalarium is host to the Immersions and real-world games of San Diego. The first establishment of its kind in San Diego, we strive to tell stories through the experiences we offer, and also hardly kill anyone. You will not find our rooms anywhere else in the world, as we build them ourselves/harvest them from a proprietary inter-dimensional realm.

It's Hosted

Highly-trained Puzzlemasters give hints when you need one

40,000+ patrons

the more people like something, the better it must be, right?

Adults deserve fun

Where do grown-ups go to have fun? Here.

Because you're dying

Future you will only care about memories, stories, and fun.

Book it already!

The Puzzalarium is a great place for birthday parties, all events, and corporate team building!

Make a booking

If you have friends, you should go with them to The Puzzalarium. It's a fun place to be. If you have employees or co-workers, you should know that The Puzzalarium is great for team building and is statistically proven to be more fun than being at work. Make a booking.

Book Tickets

Purchase a gift certificate

Our ever popular gift certificates are once again available for sale! Purchase a Puzzalarium gift certificate for your loved one (or your hated one; whichever works for you.) Good for any Puzzalarium attraction including The Parlour and The Floor is Lava.

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