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This page is being left up for archival purposes, because we are very proud of this game we made all those years ago. Copies are installed in Utrecht and Las Vegas. We're re-opening soon, sign up to our newsletter to find out what we make next.

The Floor is Lava is a hidden roles game for between 7-25 players at once. Players are dealt roles and secretly assigned to one of two teams. Players must work together, lie, and cross-examine each other in order to figure out who is and is not on their team, all the while with players attempting to eliminate each other by making them step in the Lava.

At the end of the game, the team that controls the most islands wins. Simple. Right? Let's play a game

Can your friends trust you?

Should they?

In The Floor is Lava, you and up to 24 other souls will find yourselves on a series of islands floating on an ocean of lava. Everyone is on a team. You know what team you are on, but you have no idea what team your friends are on. So who are your friends then?

If you are on the same island as someone else you can privately share your team affiliation with them to prove your party loyalty and gain friends, but this means you will need to travel over to someone else's island to figure out if you can trust them. Also be mindful that they don't murder you by nudging you into the lava.

Enter. Decieve. Survive. Welcome to The Puzzalarium.

The dead have claim

It's no fun to be knocked out of the game. Great for the killer, not so fun for the killed. That's why unlike some hidden roles games, (looking at you, Werewolf) dead players have a very real and direct impact on what happens to the living players. The Dead hath claim. Spurn them at your own peril.

Take Revenge

Each game lasts about 15 minutes. That means that what goes around comes around. Very quickly. The Madness takes no prisoners, and the Madness doesn't forget.

Massive Replayability

Unlike our escape rooms, this game is more fun the more it is played. As you begin to understand the true power of the special roles and rules, new strategies emerge and unexpected positions present themselves. Do you trust your grandmother to follow through on her promise? How vengeful is your sister? How much can you trust your own teammates?

Dozens and dozens of special roles

Every role adds fascinating tactical options and replay value as you use different roles together. Bring back players from the dead, extend or shorten the game, make a player a VIP and so much more with special roles changed every game according to your preferences.

Play for as long as you like, when you like

How long can you spend with us? Fifteen minutes? An hour? All night long? Choose to play a few games, go get food, and come back later, or play thirteen times in a row. The game is as flexible as your schedule.

Fun Achievements

Earn a variety of fascinating achievements which will appear alongside your score on the up and coming leaderboard. Achievements are awarded for accomplishing a range of feats. More information coming soon.

How the game works

It's like an escape room, but for large groups. And Better.

Play a different kind of game. Be a child again. Specifically that nasty sort of caniving child that throws younger siblings under the bus. Good times.

"I've taken to calling it 'Howell's Inferno.' Intention and goodwill have no place here. Considerations for the thin veneer of society must be abandoned, and the base instincts long denied that lay dormant within all of us must be embraced. This isn't Hell. Hell is a scary place where the wicked go for punishment. A paradise for fallen angels. A wonderland that balances the cosmic moral code. This is not Hell. This is a place where the just become corrupted. A place where kinship is exposed for the deceitful self-absorbed con it is. Where humanity is cowed and reminded of who they are in earnest: living dust with no interest in anything but its own persistence. This is not hell. This is someplace far worse. By God. A madman created this. Let my eyes be alone in bearing the awful weight of having beheld it. Under no circumstances should we let patrons here."

Red Class Intern Timothy G, Log from Expedition 31, right before tickets went on sale


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