New Real-World Games


San Diego, CA, April 20, 2017- San Diego, With the rise of new kinds of real-world attractions and games becoming available, The Puzzalarium opened a brand new real-world game called The Floor is Lava in Hillcrest this week.

The Floor is Lava is the latest and most divergent in a larger trend of new real-world games that have been capturing the interest of guests and players the world over. The most common of real-world games are the well-known Escape the Room games: games in which you are locked inside and need to solve a series of puzzles to get out of the room within a time limit. The Puzzalarium was the first of these in San Diego, opening in 2014. Since then 29 unique facilities have sprung up with new ones opening every month, each having rooms that vary widely in theme, size, and difficulty. The Puzzalarium has two such Escape Rooms, between them having entertained over 10,000 guests.

"I would fly back on monday to play The Lava. This is incredible."

Patron from the beta testing group

What's interesting in The Floor is Lava is that while it is also a real-world game, it is entirely unlike an Escape Room. For starters, up to 25 players can play at once. (Most Escape Rooms take 6 or so.) Secondly, instead of solving puzzles, the game is all about convincing your friends and co-workers to not murder you as you all stand precariously on islands that “float” over a floor filled with rubber "lava." As you all play, you are trying to deduce who is and who is not on your team as you alternately lie and tell the truth to gain allies. It is a competitive game, and one that you can play again and again, each time learning more about how to play, and how to tell whether your friends are liars.

"I believe that the rise of real-world games has come about as a backlash to the wholesale digitization of our lives, social and otherwise.” founder Stevenson Streeper stated. "Eventually everyone feels a compulsive need to reconnect with reality and each other. We intend to fill that need." The Floor is Lava is available to book here most days of the week in Hillcrest.

About The Puzzalarium

The Puzzalarium was established in 2014 as part of a public outreach and inter-dimensional testing initiative. Stevenson Streeper, The Puzzalarium's general contractor, founder, owner, Head Puzzlemaster, creative consultant, Dungeon Master, and botanist, provides to the general public several entirely non-fatal experiences, as well as escape rooms and other attractions. Our new location, Puzzalarium Hillcrest has recently come into being tethered to 5th Avenue in Hillcrest San Diego, and has opened its doors ready to accept any new patrons who wish to view the curiosities it hosts firsthand. The Puzzalarium, is dedicated to delivering one-of-a-kind experiences, advancing artistic achievement, and acquiring profit. Primarily the third one.

About The Business Owner

Stevenson Streeper is a driving force behind the Puzzalarium. With a history in game design and close associations with several friendly extra-dimensional anomalies, he conceived of and built The Puzzalarium, which plays host to several unique attractions and experiences.

Having trained as a video game designer, but never really feeling as though that experience was intimate enough, he went on to develop Immersions: Games that are played with zero degrees of separation between the media and the player. All Puzzalarium attractions are hand built by Stevenson and his team down to individual props and components. He endeavors to create an amusement park with Immersions ranging from escape rooms (and other attractions available now), to spaceship simulators and Live-Action Reactive Role-Playing games (actively under development).

His hobbies include playing unique games, blacksmithing, and writing about himself in the third-person.

Contact:  Stevenson Streeper  Phone:  (619) 402-1466