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Have your next party at The Puzzalarium

Enter. Solve. Escape.

The Puzzalarium is the best place in existence to have your event or party. We know this because we found the other place that was better, and now it doesn't exist anymore! With one-of-a-kind attractions, unique and innovative escape rooms, the best staff available anywhere, and free accommodations for parties and corporate events, The Puzzalaium is unbeatable for groups of 35 or fewer. Larger group? Click here.

Book now! You don’t really have any other choice.

Great Attractions. The Parlour & The Lava

The Puzzalarium currently has for you two main attractions onsite. The Parlour, our escape room, and The Floor is Lava, a fantastic game of lying, backstabbing, and betrayal. Your party can revolve around one or both attractions (depending on the size of your party and the duration of your visit).

Private mult-purpose room for fun or business

The private multi-purpose room is included at no extra charge and can be decorated to suit your occasion. Tables, chairs, music, an HD TV and projector, are available for your use, as well as whiteboards and other conference materials. Your party is welcome to move between the multi-purpose room and the attractions freely and to use the room for additional time before or after the booked event as an additional courtesy.

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    Bar nearby

    the cigarcave speakeasy
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    Receive & setup Catering

    we're happy to sign for catering and setup the food while you play
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    Great for events

    of all kinds
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    Decorate for your theme

    put up decorations as you like
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    Private Celebrations

    setup early, stay late
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    Freezer space for use

    drop off items for your party at any time
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    Game Orientation

    rapid orientation to get straight to fun
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    Lounge & Theatre

    for game uses & presentations
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    Games of All Kinds

    sample our extensive collection

Frequently asked questions

What is the rate for a party?

For 7+ players, $30 per player with a $5 discount per player for students, seniors, and veterans. Parties of 15 or more cost just $25/person for one hour, with the option to add a second hour for 50% off.

Do you have any special discounts?

If you need to work within a specific budget, please communicate your needs to us and we would be happy to tell you what can be done on that budget. Our games, services, and custom solutions are all very flexible.

Do you do corporate events?

Yes! The logos above are valued patrons who visited The Puzzalarium for team building and company bonding events. The Lava was originally designed just for team building, but was opened to all after popular demand.

How many can party?

A Puzzalarium Lava Party is well suited for up to 25 people. A Puzzalarium Full Bookout can accommodate up to 35 people. If your party is larger than this, please consider our custom solutions.

Can I come early and set up or tour the facility?

Absolutely! If another patron is not using the space, you are welcome to begin setting up early and our helpful staff would be pleased to help you. If you are planning a party and considering The Puzzalarium as your event venue, we would love to have you tour our facility at your convenience.

Is it physically demanding?

Depends on how aggressively you play. Most people do not consider it to be and we have thus far be able to met all patron requests for special accommodations.

How long does a party run?

We provide 60 minutes of gameplay fun, with the option to book more at a reduced rate. We recommend budgeting additional time for registration, orientation, and team photo. You are welcome to come early or stay late to use the multipurpose room for free as long as it is not booked by another patron.

What have you hosted in the past?

Corporate events, family events, bachelor & bachelorette parties, sporting celebrations, company holiday party, team building events, ice breaker for potential clients, daughters 13th birthday, son’s 15 year old birthday, and school events, just to name a few.

Do you have a room for cake after the game?

Yes! The private multipurpose room is available as a courtesy at no extra charge. You are welcome to decorate it if you so desire.

Will the party be private?

Yes! All of our experiences are private events. The only strange people you will be with are the ones you bring with you. We can't help with that.

Is it scary?

Not unless you would like it to be and tip well.

Will you deliberately try to scare me?

Depends on how well you tip.

Can you do something special for my friend's birthday?

We always do something special for you. Just have your friend scream at some point during the game and we'll probably do something. Like have them resurrect someone. Or lock them in a room.

"Fun. Fun. Fun! It's like a playroom for adults! TONS of games of all shapes, sizes, and levels of ability. We played some of the board games and then did the Floor is Lava! The game masters are incredible helpful and nice. 100% recommend if you are looking for a fun, easy night."

Harriet Hughes Local Guide

"Thank you so much for hosting our event. The girls had a blast playing The Floor is Lava! We had so much fun! I think everybody liked it. I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to say thank you in person! Thank you so much! Best regards,"

Charita Sehgal-Singh Facebook