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Coming to Downtown San Diego Autumn 2022

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San Diego, 2073:

Eldritch cyberpunk post-apocalyptica.

Massive Artificial Intelligences fight each other for supremacy after having commandeered everything from humans they deemed useful, and leaving the rest to rot. Civilization has collapsed and Humans are treated as pests, terrorized by memetic cybernetic beasts.

But the S&P 500 is up seven points due to someone finding a grain silo in Missouri, so that’s something.

The high-technological centers of the world have it worst. San Francisco and Mountain View haven’t seen a live human in decades, and Southern California is encompassed by a death zone called The Maw.

The constant warfare has leveled most large structures, yet in the heart of San Diego stands a huge skyscraper, wider than the Pyramids* and taller than the clouds. Scattered around it is a strange blue aura that can dismantle and damage nearly any AI technology. They call this aura the Fortune and it can imbue areas, buildings, objects, and crucially for anyone interested in survival: weapons.

It is said that inside of the tower is a mythical safe haven known simply as the Last City: A gleaming metropolis thousands of feet in the sky, far away from the horrors of the ground. But whether it exists, how to get up there, and how to enter the tower in the first place is anyone’s guess.


The beacon of light in the Shadows

In the shadow of the tower stands the town of Shadowspire, upon the ashes of downtown San Diego. Numbering at almost 10,000 residents, it is the biggest settlement in North America, and though it is surrounded by the Maw, the residents are still able to stick together and survive, thanks in large part to a lot of avocados.

The citizens of Shadowspire have a strong sense of duty to each other, and although nightmarish beasts of Biote, Plasteel and living diamond stalk outside the city walls and phase into and out of existence, the ramshackle walls of Fortune have yet to permit a single horror of the Maw inside.

Parking is still impossible.

You have just made it into Shadowspire via running the Blind Maw Pass: a harrowing one-way marathon run between a series of safehouses that stretch across the California desert. Many attempt this gauntlet, but you and your friends are among the few that actually survived the ordeal. Simply by arriving you have proven that the Fortune may favor you, and so you are enlisted as a Runner: a member of the town guard whose job is to brave the Maw, get supplies, and protect your new home. But being new, you are just a Greenjack. You’ll need to prove yourself if you hope to earn your name, acquire Fortune, and uncover the secrets of the Maw, of Shadowspire, and of the tower of the Last City.

Fortune be with you, runner.

So what is it?

okay that's nice and all but like what is it really?

This is an RPG Theme Arcade


This is a Role Playing Game you play with your friends at 1:1 scale, walking around in real life in a building in Downtown San Diego, earning, crafting, buying and selling items to help level up your character as you explore the world of Shadowspire and uncover storylines, adventures, and mysteries all in a mixture of Tabletop gaming sessions and physical games.


The facility, all games, the installation art, all of it is themed in Eldritch Cyberpunk that matches the world you are playing in. Haunted computer terminals flicker in the walls. Black tenticales made of wires and cables stretch across the ceiling. Come dressed in your Haunted Cyberpunk best, you'll fit right in. Or don't: Cosplay is not required, but putting in effort might just get you an in-game benefit.


Pay once at the door and get unlimited all-day free play of the physcial arcade machines we have all over the park, as well as unlimited free play of the main attraction: Escape Room-esque RAID Tables that let you and your friends go on missions. All games let you win in-game currency, crafting materials, or items which can be used at other games.

How to help:

  • Subscribing to my newsletter is a big motivator. Even if you aren't local, it's always nice to have someone to control talk to.

  • Share this page to anyone you think would like it. Word of mouth is the only way we have ever been able to make any of our games.

  • If you have any e-waste (functional or not) or neat props to donate, get in touch. We're looking for things we can use to make our installation art.

  • If you have interesting talents that you think may be of use, feel free to reach out! We aren't hiring yet, but offered help is always considered, and commissions are pending. Especially useful folks may include but are not limited to:

    • Mechatronics/robotics enthusiasts
    • People that are disturbingly good at cosplay
    • Vector/3D artists to make files/models for Laser/3D printing
    • Escape Room Prop Makers
    • Independent/bespoke clothing manufacturers/distributers
    • Software/Game developers not scared of shoestring budgets
    • Local installation artists that have interest in attending a monthly meet-up
    • AI artists not yet hell-bent on destroying humanity

Find out when we Launch.

The Newsletter will be the first and best way to find out when tickets go on sale, as well as other events and discounts.

Fortune be with us,
Fortune be with you, Runner.


Beautiful, Downtown, San Diego, California.


+1 (619) 402-1466