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Until the Sun Expires

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We build and run all sorts of unique games, from escape rooms and customized puzzle hunts to huge megagames for hundreds of players at once and city-wide mysteries!

A One-of-a-Kind City-Wide Puzzle Hunt and Megagame Event!

May 25/Stevenson Streeper/puzzle hunt, megagame, city-wide

portal has opened in Downtown San Diego, announcing to all of Ethos and the dimensions beyond the existence of our material plane and world, and of our fair city's beautiful weather and delicious citizens. This is not ideal. Clearly, something must be done. Ideally before they are able to eat all memories of their existance and roam uncontested and unpercieved, wreaking all manner of havoc on our world, with all of us being none the wiser.

Invisible Terrors

The problem is that these interdimensional terrors are antimemetic: While they can be seen, anyone viewing them does not perceive them or the destruction they cause, their devastation instead being perceived as “always having been there.” The only way to fight these abominations is through finding strong memories scattered all over downtown San Diego, and fashioning them into weapons. That’s where you come in.

The fact that you have yet to forget about these monsters even after reading this page and viewing this image proves that you have the mental fortitude to work as an antimemetic agent, and may in fact be able to do something about all this. All our best agents are forgetting what we are even talking about before we even get to the end of the first paragraph of the briefing, so clearly we need some outside help.

Collect Memories by solving Puzzles

Memories in one of five varieties are embedded in structures all over the city. We need you and your team’s assistance to go out and solve the cryptic riddles that encode those memories, and then retrieve them for us over the course of the 3 hours we will have until sunset. After the sun goes down, we’ll need to retreat into the command center and work together to craft those memories into weaponry that can be used to take down the many dozens of nightmarish creatures that seek to claim the city.

Compete against other Teams

This is a collaborative game in which all teams will work together to save San Diego, but management would like to remind you and all temporary new employees that although saving the world is one of many Streeper Industries goals, that quarterly performance reviews are due at the end of the evening, and so to encourage quality vis-à-vis cutthroat office politics, points will be awarded to teams for every city-saving activity performed, and top-scoring teams will win prizes and accolades.


  • Game is 5:00PM-9:00PM July 10 at the Tenth Avenue Arts Center: 930 Tenth Ave, San Diego 92101. Registration required.
  • We will be requiring mask-wearing by non-vaccinated guests.
  • First half of game involves walking all over downtown San Diego. Accommodations available for players that can't or don't want to walk 1-3 miles.
  • First part of game takes place entirely outdoors. Second part is in the Tenth Avenue Arts Center.
  • Food will not be served, but you'll be walking by dozens of San Diego eateries. Bringing food and drink back to the Arts Center for the game's second half is encouraged.
  • All Ages accommodated, however like all Puzzalarium games they are designed and meant for ages 12+
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Other Questions

What will this entail?

This is a unique mix of a MegaGame and citywide scavenger hunt. The game has 3 parts: The first part involves a scavenger hunt that goes all over the city, looking for answers to riddles. The second part involves trading and working with other teams to set up defenses, and the third part involves a gigantic game board and 100 players all fighting monsters.

Is there any way I can get a discount?

Yes! If you share this page on social media and help us promote it, you can get a 1% discount for every reaction,(like, heart, pin, comment etc) your post gets. 50% discount maximum.

Fine Print:
  • You'll get 5% off minimum for even trying, because of how nice a person you are.
  • The discount is applied to one ticket, not the whole order. You can use multiple posts on the same order though.
  • If you post multiple times, only your highest post engagement will count.
  • Puzzalarium reacting and commenting on your post counts. Once.
  • Discounts cannot be combined.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit and Discord* are the only networks that will be considered.
  • Mention us in the post to draw our attention to it, or send an email to
  • Discount only good till July 6th, 2021
  • You can buy tickets first and then ask for a discount later, but please only ask once to minimize processing.
  • We reserve the right to give you free tickets if you hit amazing numbers.

*one discount per Discord server.

What is parking like?

Cheap parking in downtown San Diego on Satuday is not super easy. If you are okay with walking, (and we'd hope so, given how much you will have to do for this game) we'd recommend parking in East Village around the police station. If you are fine with paying, there are ample parking structures around, but we'd recommend the lots as they are far cheaper. In general, the further you get from the convention center, the easier parking gets. Avoid Horton Plaza.

What should I bring?

A fully-charged cell phone. Teams will get a souvenir clipboard and pencils in their welcome packet but having spare pencils and paper doesn't hurt.

What should I wear?

Comfortable walking shoes. Wearing street clothes is entirely acceptable, but wearing anything reflective has shown to confer a slight advantage against these monsters. Apparently things like retroreflective vests have a "dazzling" effect that helps to confuse and disorient these abominations.

What is the refund policy?

Like all Puzzalarium events, we are here to provide entertainment and enrichment, not fleece you. We are proud to offer 100% money-back refunds up to the day of the event. If you need to cancel though, please let me know ASAP so we make just enough goodies for everyone.

What's your privacy policy?

GREGORY, our texting bot, needs your phone number so he can text you cryptic clues and answers to puzzles during the game. When the game is over, we will delete all phone numbers and not use them for anything else. Your email will be used for correspondance regarding the event, and if you opt-in, we will put you on our newsletter which I get around to writing like 4 times a year. Otherwise, we won't keep that either. Your name will be used only to keep track of tickets.

I can't make it this time! Will you be doing this again?

We hope so! Depends on how well it goes. This format is in fact re-playable, so if we get enough attendance, we absolutely will give it another run.

What about my Laser Donor Coupon?

If you are a member of the Laser Investment Board you can use the gift card you got (tied to you patron ID) to get the amount you donated to the campaign off your order. (Email or message me in our Discord and I'll get you your discounted tickets. Sorry! Our store doesn't allow bulk input of codes, hence the clunky workaround.)

Yes, this does stack with the discount about sharing on social media.

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