Team Building.

The Floor is Lava

Teambuilding that respects your intelligence.

There are a lot of options that you can consider for doing something fun and/or vaguely work-related in order to let your group blow off some steam while appeasing corporate. I’m sure that you have looked at go-karts or trampoline places, or perhaps that indoor skydiving place that’s in Fashion Valley, and perhaps you can go visit them at some point; but there are three things that make The Puzzalarium the perfect choice to appease both your desire for something fun, and corporate’s desire for you to at least pretend that you’re spending their money in the name of boosting productivity:

#1 Fun that rewards Intelligence.

You’re smart. Your team is smart. Right? Riiiiight? Nothing tests your wits harder than one of our immersions. Whether you’re trying to deduce the alliances of your friends in The Floor is Lava, or trying to solve an especially difficult puzzle in The Parlour, nothing else will work out your brain as much as your body as The Puzzalarium.

#2 Teamwork is Mandatory for success

Go-karts is fun. It’s undeniable. Laser tag is thrilling. It definitely is. But when you get right down to it, they and pretty much everything else are all solo activities that you play alongside others, but not with others. Your success does not depend on your strong communication with the other 2-5 members of your team. It does not depend on you taking an idea from a friend, shaping it, and then returning it so you can all collaborate towards an answer. Both of our games are like that. The Parlour is impossible if you don’t do that. Every game of The Floor is Lava is effectively a lesson in what happens when you don’t listen to your teammates. Usually shouting is involved.

#3. There is nothing else like us.

If you’ve done your research, you know there are other escape rooms in San Diego. There are tens of thousands in the US and millions worldwide. But we were the first escape rooms in SD and we are not part of a large chain. We care about what we do and we custom-build all of our games. The Floor is Lava is a San Diego exclusive because we are the ones who built it: no game even remotely similar to it is available anywhere else worldwide. Come experience the next step in real-world gaming. You cannot do so anywhere else.

Quick fact table The Parlour The Floor is Lava
Occupancy? 2-6 7-25
Normal Price? $35/person $30/person
Can I bring in Food? Yes. Catering welcome.
Alcohol permitted? Maybe. Ask ahead via phone.
Time taken? 1 hour Choose 1 or 2 hrs.*
Difficulty? Pretty hard Depends on players
Use of Party room? Free Free
How to book? Click here Click here
Questions? Call (619) 402-1466 or email us

🎉 Attractions & Activities 🎊

Choose and activity based on your player count and thematic preference

The Parlour Telegraph Puzzle
Card Table in The Parlour

The Parlour

+12yrs (about) 2-6 Players

The Parlour is not just an escape room, but an immersive interactive theater experience. It is currently our flagship escape room and ideal for groups of three to five players. We may also be able to accommodate larger parties under certain circumstances. More information can be found on The Parlour page and in the FAQ.

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The Puzzalarium prides itself on great escape games and unique experiences.
The Floor is Lava party venue
The Floor is Lava puzzle room

The Floor is Lava

+12yrs (about) 7-25 Players

The Floor is Lava is hidden roles game for between 7-25 players at once. Players are dealt roles and secretly assigned to one of two teams. Players must work together, lie, and cross-examine each other in order to figure out who is and is not on their team, all the while with players attempting to eliminate each other by making them step in the Lava.

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Custom Attractions

+0yrs (about) Any group size

If you would like, we can create a custom game for your event or budget and use our facility or travel to yours. We often receive requests to deliver a wonderful experience but to do so at a particular site and within a specific budget. Email or call us with details about your event and we will be happy to discuss options and possibilities.

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We put the greatest amount of effort possible into making your special day great. We have 5 stars on most services and social networks, and we are the only member of our industry to offer a 100% money back guarantee.

The Puzzalarium was the first company to bring escape rooms to San Diego and is a member of the Chamber of Commerce.


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