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...and more. The Puzzalarium of San Diego provides entertainment and has a variety of options to please and excite every group. We guarantee satisfaction and carry a 5-star rating on most services and social networks.

Team Building

Are you looking for a good reason to foster teamwork and the minds of your co-workers? Join the over 10,000 other groups that have visited our rooms and find out firsthand why a good escape room is just the threat you need to build a great team.


Vacation & Tourism

The Puzzalarium is not a cookie cutter escape room. All of our games are unique and hand-made, and unplayable anywhere else. If you want an authentic, fun, and uniquely survivable experience, look no further than our mostly non-lethal immersions.

Schools & Education

Teach your young students why trusting authority figures and each other can and often does result in death! The Floor is Lava is perfect for medium-to-large classes of students that deserve a treat/vacation/excuse to murder each other. Especially good for sports teams.

Gamers & Nerds

Our games are designed by nerds, for nerds. What we don't tell you is that The Floor is Lava is in actuality a huge board game where the pawns are your friends. The Parlour has in-game currency, power-ups, and extra content for advanced players. The Puzzalarium is for gamers. Let's play a game.

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

If you're looking for bachelor party ideas, then why are you looking anywhere else? The whole point of a bachelorette party is to find the most entertaining way to embarrass the guest of honor before their big day, whilst enjoying a bit of food and drink. Here you can do all of that, plus get the advantage of murdering the bridesmaid too. It's not a stag party until the groom is shoved into lava. Everyone knows that.

Friends & Everyone

You know what's boring? Whatever your friends were planning to do tonight. Their idea of a night on the town for some bizarre reason always seems to not involve puzzles/murder. Do something better. Kill your friends in lava, or help them escape a room. Just give them absolutely no context as to what you're getting them into. Just give them an address and tell them they'll love it.


Birthday Parties

If you are looking for birthday party places that can adequately celebrate someone's achievement of not dying for a full year, then we have the perfect party place for you. With a party room and place for food and cake, The Puzzalarium is one of the best adults and kids birthday party venues you will find in San Diego. We almost guarantee that the birthday you celebrate at The Puzzalarium won't be your last.


Family Outings

Don't go bowling. Dad is just going to win anyways like he always does. Instead, come solve a puzzle together! Plus, it comes with a chance of getting younger siblings locked in a room forever* at no extra charge!

Why Play at The Puzzalarium?

The Puzzalarium is host to the Immersions and real-world games of San Diego. The first establishment of its kind in San Diego, we strive to tell stories through the experiences we offer, and also hardly kill anyone. You will not find our rooms anywhere else in the world, as we build them ourselves/harvest them from a proprietary inter-dimensional realm. We also have the only rooms in the northern hemisphere that are 100% certified rabid-bobcat free. Remember that next time you go to your bathroom at night.

Because you're always hosted

Our experiences always have highly-trained Puzzlemaster there to give hints, not answers, whenever you need one. We would say that they never break character, but the fact is that we're not sure they are playing a character at all at this point.

Because tens of thousands already have

According to deep-rooted parts of your brain, you harbor an intuitive belief that the more people like something, the better it must be. We just thought we'd bring that up. Unrelatedly, check out the hundreds of reviews that people have written about us. Also, our research has shown that visiting our immersions has had an effect on the perceived sexual attractiveness of patrons to members of the opposite sex.*

Because grown-ups want fun too

Where do kids go to have fun? Literally anywhere. Tape them into a cardboard box and ship them to a forest; they'll have a blast. Where do grown-ups go to have fun? You only have three choices: you can go to the bar, go to the club, or sit at home and hit yourself with either a bar or club. We present you and your friends an intellectual alternative to all three self-destructive options. Choose Puzzalarium games and Immersions, for your health.

Because your life is getting shorter

You are reading the text on this page. Even now life is being leeched from you and siphoned into the gaping maw of the past. Future you is only going to care about the memories and stories that current you creates. You're going to die, and it's just a question of whether you'll have had the guts to challenge yourself to live an interesting story before you vanished into the void. We can help you with the latter, but only if you let us. Now offering senior discounts!

It's just a game, right?

Play a different kind of game. One that rewards slow, methodical thought. One that encourages immersion. One that transports you to another world. Metaphorically. As far as you know.

The Parlour
Floor is Lava


The Puzzalarium currently offers two main attractions.

  • The Floor is Lava party venue
  • The Floor is Lava puzzle room
  • The Puzzalarium prides itself on great escape games and unique experiences.

The Floor is Lava (7-24 players)

Madness. Mayhem. Murder. The Floor is Lava is a hidden roles game in the same family as Ultimate Werewolf or Mafia. You know what team you are on, but you’re not going to be able to find friends without risking jumping over to them. Fine if they actually are your friends, maybe not so much if they are intent on making sure that you fall prey to the lava. Unlike an escape room, this is more fun the more times it is played, with more people. Bring your party! Kill everyone! Enter. Deceive. Survive.

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  • The Parlour Telegraph Puzzle
  • Card Table in The Parlour
  • Hourglass

The Parlour (2-6 players)

Welcome to the first card-game escape room hybrid. Worm your way through the memories of a Mr. J.D. Howell as you and your friends find in-game currency for special treasures and powers, find secrets and stories, and figure out what happened to him as you follow an expedition team from Streeper Industries through the maddening mindscape that is Ethos. No less difficult than The Study, but better for groups that have done traditional escape rooms before.

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There is a reason The Puzzalarium has received hundreds of five-star reviews. And that reason is probably maybe not extortion. If you have a spare few hours, see them for yourself.

Stephanie V. (Bookeo)

"It was awesome, thank you soooo much!"

Timothy (Yelp)

"The puzzlemaster was immersive and had very subtle behavior that I hadn't noticed in previous rooms."

Geselle M. (Bookeo)

"Our time at The Puzzalarium was, hands down, one of the best hours we ever had together!"

Zeel (Yelp)

"Loads of fun. Don't want to give away anything, but definitely recommend it!"

Alexis F. (Bookeo)

"Puzzalarium was a great experience! Great idea and well thought out!"

Ty S. (Bookeo)

"Well done. Solid game design. Clever utilization of game components. Just the right amount of character ambiance."

Melanie M. (Facebook)

"Seriously had so much fun my face & stomach muscles hurt from laughing! Job well done Puzzalarium!!!!!"

Jeff W. (Bookeo)

"I would leave 10 stars if I could. My teenagers said it was the best family outing we've had in ages. Bravo!"

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