This Was Puzzalarium

Closed for now, but not for long.

Allow me to explain.


Cut to the chase.

or even better:

Come to our event May 28th!

Dearest Patrons,

Puzzalarium was the first operational Escape Room in San Diego and somewhere between the 8th and 26th Escape Room to open in the United States, with a soft opening October 1st 2014, and a formal opening Halloween 2014. We hosted The Study, The Parlour, The Floor is Lava, and [REDACTED] between two facilities, Alpha and Prime. Puzzalarium Alpha hosted The Study, while Prime hosted The Floor is Lava, [REDACTED], and The Parlour. After three years of hosting thousands of guests, Prime closed on Halloween of 2019.

You can still visit the old site if you like.

Prime was set to reopen after a short search for a new facility. Then COVID arrived, making sure that that this reopening did not happen, ending Prime and our old business model permanantly.

We're still here.

During the time of 2020 to early 2022, Puzzalarium has still remained in business, even if it is just with one full-time employee and some help from good friends. We made a game to play with a streamer which helped us to fund a purchase of a laser cutter, got a workshop working again, ran a megagame, published a boardgame, and are still open for being commissioned for events. (Email us if interested. We still do weddings, team building, work with schools and so forth.)

But all the while the new and final iteration of Puzzalarium has been cooking.

It was never meant to be just escape rooms.

So what is it?

This sentence will be removed when the date is knowable.

Puzzalarium Presents:

Electra City

The Analog Alpha V0.0.1

A One-Weekend Event, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 2PM to 10PM, Tenth Avenue Arts Center.

Weekend to be announced. Follow my newsletter to figure out when.

Our escape rooms aren't re-opening.

Something even bigger is instead.

Here's What's Next:

A debut event coming later in the 2022 season. And the only reliable way to find out about it is to be on this email list.



Beautiful, Downtown, San Diego, California.


+1 (619) 402-1466