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We build and run all sorts of unique games, from escape rooms and customized puzzle hunts to huge megagames for hundreds of players at once and city-wide mysteries!

Past Event! This event already happened. Media and photos will be posted soon.

A Murder Mystery Megagame like no other!

March 18/Stevenson Streeper/murder mystery, larp, megagame

here's been a murder! And you and 119 of your closest friends are all suspects. All you have to go off of is your name, a few scant facts about the case, and hearsay, which could be just as good as rumor if it isn't verified by an outside source.

You've got three hours to figure it out before the killer slips out with the rest of you into the night, dragging their motives and kill count with them. Once out, they will almost certainly pick off each and every one of you one by one, until there are no witnesses left! Can you find out who the killer is before they escape? Can you yourself survive the night, even though there are those with murderous intent in your midst?

It's a Murder Mystery unlike any you've ever done before.

Find the culprit! Cut through the Hearsay!

  • The Killer(s?) is/are not actors. They could be your friends. It could be you.
  • A realistic crime scene with evidence and blood and everything!
  • Special powers and roles can serve to highlight clues and evidence, or help the killer get away.
  • Special interests drive the evening and sway the hand of justice. Can you cut through the fog and figure out whodunnit? Or will you let the killer wreak havoc on the guests and murder everyone in sight?
  • Survival is not guaranteed. There is a very real chance that you could wind up dead before the night is over if you aren't careful.

Hearsay is a 3-hour light Megagame about a murder, with a realistic crime scene for you to pour over, an actual mystery to solve, players with powers and special abilities, drinks, dinner, and the threat of being killed mid-game! Because nothing makes things more exciting than the realization that the person that you brought with you to the event may in fact have it out for you.

I mean, your friend/date wouldn't really murder you, would they?

Would they?

What is this exactly?

This is a simple game with simple rules. You have evidence. Put the evidence together and find the killer. The only roleplaying that you strictly need to do is answer to a name we give you that isn't yours. If you can handle that, you should have a wonderful time.

Do I need to bring anything?

Bringing a notepad and clipboard is a very good idea. Perhaps some cash for the bar, although card is accepted. Wear 1940s San Francisco Socialite attire. If you don't have that, then just wear your finest evening attire.

How complicated is this game?

This game can and has been played and enjoyed while drunk. We are also serving drinks. Does that answer your question?

Wait, drinks?!

Calm your snuff, booze-hound. Yes, we are serving drinks appropriate for the time period and story. I trust you will behave? And yes, this sadly means the event is for 21 and over.

Can I bring my kids? What's the minimum age?

You aren't reading these in order, are you? Read the above question, Hawking. Unless you're kids happen to be 21 years or older, I'm afraid you're going to need a babysitter.

What is an Advanced Role?

An advanced role is one in which we will expect you to understand and carry out more complicated responsibilities, such as being the ringleader of a band of thugs, distributing secret info, or actually being the murderer/accomplice. Tick the box during checkout if you are willing and able to really get into your character. DO NOT check the box if you intend to get drunk before the night is over or don't want to take the night too seriously.


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