San Diego Escape Room. Now at Enigma HQ in Downtown.

Not just an escape room, but an immersive interactive theater experience. Now available from our friends at Enigma HQ.

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A first-of-its-kind Narrative Puzzle Escape Game

From the creators of the first and one of the most acclaimed escape rooms in San Diego comes an Immersion that is unlike any room you have ever played before. Choose which puzzles you will solve. Select your difficulty and risk while you are in the room. Bet it all on yourself and win or fail based on nothing but your own wits. This is more than a game, and it is a lot more than an escape room. This is an Immersion. Enter. Solve. Play. Welcome to The Parlour.

Next-Generation Storytelling

17 computer-controlled lights and 5.1 surround sound, cues and reactive special effects conspire to create the most immersive storytelling experience you will ever experience. Read more.

Private Experience

The Parlour is reserved solely for the members of your group whom you deem fit to accompany you. You will not be mixed with strangers during your gaming session in the room.

Play with 2 to 6 players

Play with your significant other. Play with your friends. Play with up to six players, all of you working together to unravel the mysteries of the Parlour, again and again. Plays best with three or four, but more or less is fine.

Custom Components

Everything that you’ll touch, play with, puzzle over and read has been painstakingly thought out and crafted by hand(s using a computer) using local, living, willing artists that were fed once.

Fun Achievements

Earn a variety of fascinating achievements which will appear alongside your score on the up and coming leaderboard. Achievements are awarded for accomplishing a range of feats. More information coming soon.

Compete Against Your Friends

Advanced computer-based scoring calculates your teams score with authentic precision. After playing The Parlour, your team will appear on the soon to be released leaderboard within 24 hours.

The mind of J. D. Howell has been fragmented and broken, and the man himself has wound up in Ethos. Streeper Industries invites you and all able-minded test subjects to come play a simple card game and solve a few trivial puzzles in order to assist us in piecing together the life and times of Mr. Howell in order to...rescue him. Yes, that’s it. Save him from himself. We would like to just find Howell and help him out is all. Absolutely nothing else. Nope. No ulterior motives here. We are the good guys. No doubt about it. Yep. Your assistance in this Streeper Industries Scientific Endeavour will be crucial to the overall success of the project. Apply today.

Explore the memories of J. D. Howell.

It's more than an escape room.

Play a different kind of game. A game that slowly builds in tension as you play. One that transports you to another world. Metaphorically. As far as you know.

Tarot-style playing cards in The Parlour Puzzle Room


A simple-to-learn card game, puzzles, and a story. Learn more.

Mysterious locked chest
Vintage Victrola in the locked room
Lion Lock


Test your wits against puzzles that are satisfying to solve.

Parlour lake puzzle


Striking, dramatic, and 100% breathable.

Item shop in The Parlour
Parlour card close up

Choices & Chance

The choices you make will affect every aspect of your experience.


Time is Short

Purchase items to escape the locked room faster.


There is a reason The Puzzalarium has received hundreds of five-star reviews. And that reason is probably maybe not extortion. If you have a spare few hours, see them for yourself.

Stephanie V. (Bookeo)

"It was awesome, thank you soooo much!"

Timothy (Yelp)

"The puzzlemaster was immersive and had very subtle behavior that I hadn’t noticed in previous rooms."

Geselle M. (Bookeo)

"Our time at The Puzzalarium was, hands down, one of the best hours we ever had together!"

Zeel (Yelp)

"Loads of fun. Don't want to give away anything, but definitely recommend it!"

Alexis F. (Bookeo)

"Puzzalarium was a great experience! Great idea and well thought out!"

Ty S. (Bookeo)

"Well done. Solid game design. Clever utilization of game components. Just the right amount of character ambiance."

Melanie M. (Facebook)

"Seriously had so much fun my face & stomach muscles hurt from laughing! Job well done Puzzalarium!!!!!"

Jeff W. (Bookeo)

"I would leave 10 stars if I could. My teenagers said it was the best family outing we've had in ages. Bravo!"

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